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ActionAid Ethiopia Launches Climate Justice Campaign

AAE's CD giving opening remark

Latest Research by ActionAid Uncovers the Climate has Cash-flow Problem

ActionAid Ethiopia called up on the global polluting powers to pay attention to the rapidly deteriorating climate that is devastating the lives of world population.
In a national Climate Justice Campaign launching event aligned with ActionAid’s global campaign with the motto #Fund Our Future, panellist scholars in the event stressed that the Global North is solely accountable for the horrifying climate crises and responsible to fund climate-friendly human activities, especially agroecology or eco-friendly agriculture to save our world and its population.   

In her opening remark, ActionAid Ethiopia’s Country Director, Tinebeb Berhane, stated that fossil fuel and industrial agriculture are the major causes of climate crises such as drought, flood, desert locust invasion, displacement, and migration that lead to conflicts; and that it is the Global South countries that bear the whole suffering despite their zero or insignificant contribution for the crises. She also said that the developed countries have not kept their promises to decrease their climate damaging activities and to fund climate resilient initiatives. 

During the campaign launch, volunteer young people working with ActionAid Ethiopia staged a short drama showcasing the destructive and criminal practises of humankind and their devastative effects on the lives of millions on planet Earth.  Communities coming from Borana, Raya, and West Shewa areas that have been severely impacted by Climate Crises like drought and flood gave witnessing stories about the suffering their communities have faced and the supports they have gotten from ActionAid Ethiopia during the emergencies.

New research by ActionAid shows that ‘’banks have provided an annual average of 20 times more financing to fossil fuel and industrial agriculture than Global North governments have provided as climate finance to countries on the frontlines of the climate crisis.’’

As part of the launching of climate justice campaign, areas and communities affected by flood in Ejere woreda of Western Shewa were visited to eyewitness the damage and express solidarity with the people affected.