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NewsLetter 2016

An ActionAid Ethiopia newsletter from 2016


Newsletter, Sep. 2019

ActionAid Ethiopia has experienced different engagements that includes receiving award from local government chiefs, signing for partnership with ChristianAid Ethiopia, taking stake in sponsoring


2018 Annual Report

2018 was the 1st year for ActionAid Ethiopia since it embarked on the fifth Country Strategy Programme


ActionAid Ethiopia's Fifth Country Strategic Plan

According to the World Bank, even though growth is
evident in Ethiopia, inequality has become rampant. The
gap between the poor and the rich is getting wider space
for CSOs, the Country’s Growth and


Newsletter, January 2019

After 14 years, ActionAid Ethiopia concluded its intervention in Ofla district of Tigray region. ActionAid Ethipia, in collaboration with the communities and local government at different levels



ActionAid Ethiopia will lead on influencing the agenda of Unpaid Care Work


Newsletter, April 2019

On March 21st, 2019 more than hundred people gathered in conjunction with celebrating 2019 International Women’s Day and the launching of campaign on Unpaid Care Work organized by ActionAid Ethiopia


ActionAid in the 19th Great Ethiopian Run

 “We were caught by surprise when some people and youngsters asked why we put the message about unpaid care work on our t-shirts, but we were satisfied when saw that people were curious about and


Newsletter, May 2020

In a ceremony held at Ministry of Peace, ActionAid Ethiopia’s Country Director, Tinebeb Berhane, handed over the donation which includes mattresses, bed sheets, and liquid soaps worth about a million


Who Cares Policy Brief

The COVID-19 crisis has revealed the extent to which public services have been under-funded for a generation across Africa, with women and girls in the poorest communities often having to take the